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About Us

The HKU Master of Science in Business Analytics programme is designed for individuals who are interested in the theories and methods of analyzing large volumes of data to gain competitive advantages and strategic insights in today's business world. 

The HKU Brand

Study at the oldest and most prestigious university in Hong Kong globally recognised around the world, and join a family of influential alumni who hold prominent positions in different sectors across the region.

Learn and Apply

A wide range of courses in statistics, decision models, business intelligence and analytics, and applications in forecasting, simulation, social media, supply chains, marketing and finance.

Connect with Real World Business

Tie up with Cyberport Hong Kong where students can engage in actual business projects with companies through our unique capstone course to gain real world experience in business analytics.

Unprecedented Industry Demand

There is a major shortage of talents with both business and analytics expertise in the market. Graduates in this field are highly sought after by companies from a wide range of industries.

Why HKU MSc(BA)?

"After studying at the Columbia University and working in the U.S. for six years, I decided to pursue further education and explore more career opportunities in Hong Kong. HKU MSc(BA) not only covers hard skills in programming and data analysis, but also the applications of these skills in real world business , which will be pivotal to my future career in business and technology."

“As a local, I always think HKU is the best university in town. With its focus on quantitative analytics skills in the business context, this programme complements my background in engineering and offers a solid training in big data analysis. Since big data is a hot topic these days, studying here will allow me to catch up with the trend and gain a competitive edge in business. "

“I chose to study here to immerse myself in a highly technological and globalized context that could enrich me on both a personal and professional level. The opportunity to apply what we have learnt in real-life situations through the partnership with firms and start-ups in Cyberport—the "Silicon Valley of the East"—is unique and essential to mastering business analytics skills."

Apply for Intake 2018

We have already started accepting applications for intake 2018. Get a quick overview of our programme from our brochure or learn more about our application procedures in our admission guide.