Application Procedures

How to Apply to HKU MSBA

We have already begun to accept applications for 2017-2018. Please follow the instructions below to apply to our programme.

1. Go to the Taught Postgraduate Online Application System 2017-2018

2. Look for "Master of Science in Business Analytics" and click "Full-time" to create your application account

3. Fill in the application form and update your referee details in the "Referees" section

4. You need to send this reference form template to your two referees and ask them to fill in. The completed forms should then be emailed to us at directly from their email addresses, which should be the same as the ones you put down in the "Referees" section of your application

5. After completing the form, go to the "Payment & Submission" section and arrange the non-refundable application fee of HK$300 to submit your application

6. Upon successful submission of the application fee and your application form, the document upload function will be available

7. Please upload the following list of documents to the online application system before the application deadline or expiry of your application account (valid for four weeks only), whichever is earlier

  • Graduation transcript (or interim transcript if graduation transcript is not available yet)
  • Degree certificate, if available
  • Language report (TOEFL or IELTS report), if applicable
  • Proof of internship experience of all positions, or full-time employment of the most recent one, whichever is applicable
  • Certificate for professional qualifications, if applicable

8. In the application stage, the original copy of supporting documents is NOT required and candidates only need to upload the softcopy to the application website. If you receive an admission offer from our programme, we will ask you to submit the original/certified true copy of the documents

Important Note

  • Due to the large volume of applications received by HKU, your application account will only be valid for four weeks. You should submit your application within this period; otherwise, your application will be lost
  • If the file size of your supporting documents is too large to be uploaded to the application website, you can email them directly to us at We will help you add the documents to your application file
  • You can go through our Application Checklist to make sure you have submitted all the required materials for your application. Check out our Admissions FAQs if you have any questions regarding the application process

Final Application Deadline:
March 31, 2017

Our final application deadline for intake 2017 is fast approaching. Check out our detailed application procedures and list of documents required for your application.